Nolvadex 20mg/60 Tabs


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Nolvadex 20mg (Tamoxifen)

Tamoxifen is an antagonist of the estrogen receptor in breast tissue via its active metabolite, Hydroxytamoxifen. In other tissues such as the endometrium, it behaves as an agonist, and thus may be characterized as a mixed agonist/antagonist.

Tamoxifen is the usual endocrine (anti-estrogen) therapy for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in pre-menopausal women, and is also a standard in post-menopausal women although aromatase inhibitors are also frequently used in that setting. However, Tamoxifen is popular with anabolic steroid users to reduce the build up of breast tissue (gynecomastia) caused by the excess aromatization of testosterone to estrogen.



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