T3-Cytomel 25mcg/60 Tabs


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T3- Cytomel 25 mcg (Liothyronine Sodium)

Tiromel Cytomel T3 is manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim. It contains 100 tabs per pack of Liothyronine which is one of the most used triiodothyronine (T3) based preparation. More commonly it is considered as an effective fat burner agent referring to its metabolic regulator being. Liothyronine Sodium stimulates the beta-2 andrenergic receptors in fat tissues which provides releasing of the enzyme HSL (hormone sensitive lipase). HSL has a significant effect on burning off the body fat.

Thyroid use will generally makes the athletes to burn off the fat while still consuming a decent level of calories every day. Anabolic steroids are generally used in a combination with these hormones, as the metabolism boosting effect may result in faster muscle gains. This leads some of athletes to use it during off-season bulk cycles, looking to obtain a greater muscle mass gain while accumulating less body fat than expected.



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