Endurobol (SARM) 25mg/30 Tabs


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GW 501516 or so-called Endurobol (Cardarine) is a chemical which was researched and developed in order to cure and prevent tumor formation in prostate, breasts or in the colon. Studies that followed in the 2000s have found that Endurobol and other PPAR agonists have also been able to eliminate metabolic disorders. It works through gene expressions which stop problems such as diabetes or obesity.

Research started to grow thank bodybuilders who call Endurobol (Cardarine) „the ultimate endurance enhancing supplement“.

Endurobol can burn off fatty tissue, increases endurance and enhance recovery. These properties made this product well-known among athletes and PCT. By causing no harmful side effects GW 501516 has become a legend in the sports cycle and athleticism.


GW 501516 does work in a similar way as SRAM but it is a PPAR agonist. Even though the effect is similar these two should not be confused. Endurobol targets the androgen receptors that causes glucose uptake and skeletal muscle tissue. Current research suggests that Endurobol is a potential way of treatment of obesity by causing rapid melting by whats called „fatty acid oxidation“.

According to Phase II trials, GW 501516 increases the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) by almost 80% which is the „good cholesterol“ and further decreases LDL (low-density lipoprotein) which is the „bad“ one.


• Supports the burning of body fat
• Increases endurance
• Contributes to regeneration
• Increases HDL and lowers LDL
• Protects against atherosclerosis

In the case of GW 501516 many studies have shown a plenty of positive effects and on the other hand, there are very few side effects. This is probably the main reason why Endurobol became so popular.

In a gym, you can expect significantly increased performance and much shorter recovery times. Note that it is not a stimulant which means you won’t crash after working out.

In reality, you should feel calmness and overall well being.

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    Just a great all around product. Always has been.

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